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  • Entertaining & Memorable
  • Designed to Engage Audiences
  • Cost-Effective, Long-term Solutions

Interactive, Artist-powered Engagement

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Interactive Media, Gamification & Creative Engagement Campaigns

3 Ways to Adventure & Whatnot

Classic Choose Your Adventures

Mini-game Adventures

Arcade Machine Adventures

Classic Choose Your Adventure campaigns are a balanced blend of artist, sponsor and adventure. One or more artists collaborate with a brand to make artwork together, and Adventure & Whatnot makes that artwork into a game-like poll campaign where you can choose to reward loyal participants for more audience interactivity.


Mini-game Adventures are very similar to Classic Choose Your Adventure, but they are repeatable and replayable because they are, in fact, playable games. Mini-game Adventures are great for publicity and branding, as the possibilities are endless.


Arcade Machine Adventures are literal arcade machines designed with your brand as the theme. They contain your Mini-game Adventure and you can use this physical machine however you want. Use it to bring in customers or host events. Use it as an incentive, as an advertisement or sell it as a collector’s item. It’s your’s. is a subsidiary service of Animation & Whatnot ( by Joshua Autrey Serrano