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This New Platform Benefits Artists & Businesses

Using a combination of existing and new strategic ideas, creating a direct experience in-person or online is now possible. Its inception is an original design by artist / marketing entrepreneur Joshua R. Autrey Serrano.

Clients have the option of bringing their vision to life or leaving the creative freedom to the artist. The results are never less than positively memorable.

The first trials are going to be exclusive to Southern California and its neighboring counties. Fortunately, rapid expansion is a focus for both the clients and the platform.

"Campaigns are measured by their performance as they should be, but genuinely creative content is more scarce than ever. That's what gives Adventure and Whatnot its edge. The talent is real, the experiences are real and the results are real."

The new platform is an extension of the marketing services already provided by the same creator at Animation & Whatnot.

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