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By Joshua Autrey Serrano | Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California

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Targeted Exposure

Animation & Whatnot is one of the easiest ways to accomplish your advertising goals, whether you have a production team already or need one pronto.

Advertising without guidance can be very expensive and time-consuming as most people see little to no engagement even after promotion. With targeted A|B testing and this on-demand media production service at your disposal, you can expedite everything while you scale business.


From idea to concept to writing, storyboarding, voice acting, animation, color grading, editing, marketing, launching, distribution and localization, you can get any kind of assistance you need, even if it’s with absolutely everything.

Making a great show, game, app or website is difficult, regardless of how simple the tools to make them are. Creativity is just the beginning of art. Everyone needs help from an industry professional once in a while.

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Be Discovered

What Animation & Whatnot is most known for is its leadership in the video search engine optimization field. For those who don’t know, websites aggressively compete to be on the top of search engine results pages because millions of people, looking for some solution to their problem, use search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Animation & Whatnot is by Joshua Autrey Serrano, the first in history to market SEO with animation. Be a part of marketing history by becoming a client.