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Elevator Pitch Animation by Joshua Autrey Serrano
Advanced SEO, Custom Tech & Digital Marketing Solutions

Elevator Pitch Animation

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What is Elevator Pitch Animation?

Marketing Animation
with Advanced SEO

An elevator pitch is a short, rhetorical description of an idea or a sales pitch that can be expressed in about 30 seconds, or the length of an elevator ride.

Elevator Pitch Animation is a service that generates Search Engine Optimized media like videos, GIFs, infographics and interactive applications that are designed to show up on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Some of the methods used here are unique and some are conventional, but all of them have been tested and are made to assist any long-term marketing strategy. Accelerated campaigns are also available for short-term needs.

(Ex: "I want my blog to show up first when someone searches for vegan Hanukkah foods.")

What sets Elevator Pitch Animation apart from other marketing video & media services?

    Creative Proprietary Methods
    Structured Data
    Advanced Meta Tags
    Indexing Media
    Backlink Outreach
    Accelerated Campaigns

What is SEO?

A set of standards used to rank higher in searches online. Without SEO, your website misses out on all relevant search engine traffic.

How does it work?

Search engines love when your web page is setup, organized and shared in the right ways, so they reward you with traffic from people looking for content like yours!

Why choose these solutions over the competition?

Elevator Pitch Animation is a tried and true way to long-term success. Managing conventional methods of SEO for medium and large companies involves a lot of outreach, content marketing and time-consuming link-building. Elevator Pitch Animation Creative Solutions address the stress of all of those in way that lasts so you can rest for a while between campaigns.