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By Joshua Autrey Serrano | Based in Rancho Cucamonga, California

Powerful Ad Creatives and A|B Testing | Animation & Whatnot

If you run a large corporation, you likely already know that it is usually worthwhile to do some testing and research on what produces the most return on an investment before going all in. For most businesses, advertising can be an investment with considerable returns.

Thankfully, A|B testing is a straightforward way to tilt probability in your favor when it comes to marketing and advertising. While you can never completely control an audience’s reaction to what they see or hear, you can meticulously narrow down your creative media assets, strategic placement, and budget planning to their highest likelihood of success with whatever you may be working with (and that’s why Animation & Whatnot recommends testing across different networks of distribution to find out if your marketing campaign could be performing better elsewhere!)

Advertising Is Simple, But Conversion Optimization Is Not

Advertising is simple at heart, but becomes complicated once data and factors out of one’s control are introduced.

ad creative example | Animation & Whatnot Mascot

The reason why it is always profitable to test an ad creative before spending the entire budget because sometimes things don’t always perform as well as most people think.

The more saturated an advertising space is, the more competitive it is and more challenging it becomes to stand out. 

Where Can I Get Ad Creatives That Convert?

Animation & Whatnot is one of the few places online a brand or person can get a campaign that includes creative asset production; meaning, your return on investment is being optimized when you run ad campaigns through Animation & Whatnot. Leaving money on the table is less of a problem when your campaign is being actively optimized for better engagement. 

Check it out here.

How Does It Work?

At its core, it’s a method most people are familiar with; Comparable to the scientific method but with more data and psychology involved.

Make a control group and an independent variable to compare, in this case animated videos, and see which performs better. Then continue with the winner. (Or hire someone to do it.)

However, in practice, probability plays a small role. One animated video may perform better in large cities while the other performs better in small towns or maybe one performs well at night but not in the mornings. Sometimes, current events and opinions can have an impact and overnight an ad can go from low to high engagement. 


The point here is that many factors like time, opinion, bandwidth, competition, current events, etc. are out of anyone’s control. Progressive marketing is the result of diligently learning, testing out potential findings and retesting to validate findings. In this case that would mean prioritizing ads that perform better in their appropriate niches, locations, times and formats. 

To marketers and scientists, A|B testing is a common thing, but to everyone else, it sounds like a lot of extra work for little return. The truth is that just one percent improvement goes a long way and it really is worth the effort. Numbers work exponentially and in one’s favor with enough patience and expertise.

To put it in perspective, hypothetically, a campaign that reaches 100,000 people should result in some visitors. Optimizing for just one additional percentage using A|B testing could take your visits from 1,000 to 2,000. Some brands dedicate a majority of their marketing budget on conversion optimization because traffic alone is not going to pay the bills.

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