Say it. Show it. Sell it.

4 Second Cartoons

30 Seconds of Animation (A La Carte)

The reasons I started Animation & Whatnot became lucid when I realized my perspective on advertising was too typical.

Instead of seeing the rewards, I was afraid of annoying potential customers with sales jargon.
That's when Animation & Whatnot was put to the test.

The goal is to make advertising fun.
By hybridizing original ideas with marketing techniques, I was able to find the balance between conventional advertising and creativity.

Campaigns Include
  • Video Animation
  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Organic Strategies
Packages Start At $1000*

Your Unique Selling Points Will Be Found, Emphasized & Utilized.

Your Weaknesses Will Be Turned Into Strengths.

Online & Offline Strategies Generate Views, Likes, Comments, Emails & Reusable Content.

*Campaign Consultation, Videos, Graphics, Logos, Web Designs, Email Designs, Articles & Copy Also Sold A La Carte

The Benefits to marketing are not always clear.

With Animation & Whatnot the focus has always been a return on investment.
In order to do so, the barriers between people and your product have to be removed.
Whether you're a business owner, a film producer, a developer, starting up or crowdfunding, you need advertising. Animation & Whatnot removes the barriers by making fun advertising campaigns. Results that end in sales are more common when potential customers can see you.