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  • Designed to Engage Audiences
  • Cost-Effective, Long-term Solutions

Interactive, Artist-powered Engagement

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Interactive Media, Gamification & Creative Engagement Campaigns

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Did You Know

  • You Can Have QR Codes Leading Directly to Products In-video (or your product / website URL) 
  • Rush-order Video Campaigns  Available! (72 Hour Avg.)
  • Campaigns with Higher Budgets Can Have Multiple Artists
  • Artists Usually Share Their Work With Loyal Fan Bases
  • In-video Sales Have a Higher Average Retention Rate in Comparison with Conventional Landing Pages
  • Adventure & Whatnot is the First Official Service of it's Kind 

Example: Adventure by Animation And Whatnot

Halloween in Turnbull

It's the night before Halloween. You and your pals started the day off hiking in the hills but your friends got called home and had to abandon you. You continue a bit further on your hike and watch the sunset. Now you're starting on your journey back home. Night came more quickly than you expected. You're able to see the path in front of you, silhouettes and the sky by moonlight. You come across a jack-o'-lantern that wasn't here before. There appears to be a lighter on the path next to it. It also looks like there's something shiny on the dirt path a few feet ahead. What do you do?

A) Investigate the Jack-o'-lantern

B) Pick Up Lighter

C) Continue Further Ahead

**Results: Majority Voted C) Continue Further Ahead**

You're alone but there appears to be another hiker approaching on the trail. You walk further ahead after picking up the lighter beside you. The shiny object you ignored was a necklace of some sort. It looked expensive. For some reason, you can't help feel like you're being watched from afar but it's too dark to be sure. The road ahead comes to a split. What do you do?

A) Light something on fire

B) Go further and up

C) Go further and down

**Results: Majority Voted A) Light something on fire**

After picking up a lighter you found near a jack o' lantern, you use it to set a plant on fire. Hopefully that will attract some attention and help you get home sooner, you think. 

Unfortunately the plant you lit on fire was so dry it causes the fire to spread rapidly. You run further down the trail to get away from the fire but you notice you're less alone than you thought. Someone with glowing red eyes is stalking you just a few steps ahead! What Do You Do?

A) Run Towards the Fire????

B) Run Towards the Foe????

C) Start climbing????

**Results: Majority Voted B) Run Towards the Foe**

After starting a fire and leaving it behind, you decide your best bet is to take your chances with the foe hiding just within sight. Not your best move. You died.

Adventure & Whatnot in Action was one of the first brands to partner with Adventure & Whatnot


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