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Adventure & Whatnot

  • Do-it-yourself
  • Proprietary Media Players
  • Only One Solution
  • Only Works on Browsers
  • Not Social Media-friendly
  • All work the same
  • Thousands of Dollars Just to License
  • You Do Not Own “Your” Interactive Media
  • No In-person Event Solutions
  • No Help with Branding

What You Get Out of An Adventure

Engaging Media icon | Various Buildings

Engaging Media

Interactive Prompts | Game-like Isometric Level Design

Interactive Prompts

Customized Solutions | Lodge with snow

Customized Solutions

Service & Tech Support | Animation & Whatnot Corporate Building icon

Service & Tech Support

“Great website, I love the custom brandable arcade games! Also, it’s great for an Interactive Event Service where you can turn Any Event into a Game! Amazing with animation!”

– Jenni Peterson,

“Great experience. Very professional and adaptable!”

– Cory Hollamon, President of 2020 Vision Youth

Social Media Formats

Interactive Media Formats for Any Platform

Starting at $99

  • Interactive Media-based
  • The Most Customizable Solution in the World | Edit Buttons, Media, Resolution, Integrations & More
  • Web and Mobile-friendly

Starting at $500

  • Super Fun Game-like Graphics
  • Increases Retention by 300% on Average
  • Social Media Friendly
A Universe in every user interface

Starting at $2k

  • A Playable Game Based on Your Brand
  • Perfect for Events & Branding
  • Complimentary Dedicated Machine
Your brand in an arcade game

Case Study:

Adventure & Whatnot and Animation & Whatnot are virtual products by Joshua Autrey Serrano

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