Animation by the Second

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Get animation made one second at a time for a quality experience. Whatever your project entails, Animation & Whatnot is your friend.



Contact before or after to describe your project.

Pay per second of finished video

  • Animated Motion Graphics, Branding Animation, Cartoon Animation (For custom orders, please contact first.)
  • Up to 2 weeks of Revisions
  • Specify format (videos will be .mp4 if left unspecified)

Why pay by the second?

  1. Some people want animated logos, some people want motion design, some want cartoon animation. etc.
  2. Animations are 12 frames per second by default (higher FPS rates available for custom orders. )*

*Contact first for details

Example: for an animation 9 seconds long, place an order with a quantity of 9. 


“Can I get a discount buying in bulk?”

  • Yes. Either multiple animations or any animation over 4 minutes qualify. Contact first for discounted custom orders.

“Can you add a voiceover?”

  • Yes, for an additional fee, you may add on commercial-use voiceovers or commercial-use music.

“Can I send you stuff to add?”

  • If the files you send are original works such as original music, character designs, comics, storyboards, logos, descriptions, scripts, etc. and you own the rights to these, then yes.
  • You may not send works you don’t own the rights to to include in the video; however, you may send reference photos, videos and audio for inspiration and conceptual purposes.

All projects are subject to review. Vulgar, racist, obscene or hateful content will be rejected and refunded.

1 review for Animation by the Second

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    The best for the price guaranteed

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