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Character Branding Is Not The Only Way

Character branding is what comes to mind when someone says animation or cartoon. While it is definitely an advantageous perk of animation, not all animation is used for branding characters. 

Branding can be accomplished through repetitive exposure of virtually anything. Animated video usually has both visual content and audio, so anything falling into those categories is brandable. That includes music, voices, digital identifiers like watermarking, animated logos, fictitious places, names, styles, mediums, formats, effects or edits. 

Grown-ups Love Animation Too

Some people have difficulties looking past animation as anything more than a way to market to kids, but the truth, marketing animation has been used for years for audiences of all ages, even the elderly! Even simple typography-based animated commercials have been successful in ad campaigns. Imagine the possibilities of a well-optimized campaign with great branding in a captivating animation tailored specifically for your audience!

What Animation & Whatnot Does Differently

Branding can even transcend world’s with the right direction. Animation & Whatnot can provide paid product placement resulting in long-term unobtrusive exposure to your brand or product. For example, if you own an upscale watch brand, you may want a cartoon featuring a protagonist who loves to  wear watches and they may naturally come across your brand in the storyline. 

Video Branding vs On-page Branding

That is one of infinite ways you could apply the principles of branding with animation. Never forget, video is not the only way you can use animation for branding either. A website can contain many animated graphics, buttons, styles, triggers and backgrounds that come together to create a more interactive experience than the average static web page ever could. 

Do not miss out on a universe of opportunities just because that universe happens to be animated.